Reservations: Bank Name and Code: Fubon Zhonglun Branch 012-5907 Account Number: 590-12000-5776 Account Name: Hotel B 1. If your room is booked for weekdays, please pay 50% of the total amount to our bank account. If your room is booked for holidays/weekends, please pay the full amount to our bank account. 2. After submitting the reservation, we will contact you to confirm the reservation. The reservation is not valid until our confirmation. 3. Please contact us as soon as possible to confirm your remittance. TEL:02-27813121 4. Tax, service charge and breakfast are included in the room prices. 5. Check-in time: after 15:00; check-out time: before 12:00 6. The room can not be reserved if your scheduled arrival time is exceeded without informing the hotel. Cancellation fee for booking 1.For cancellation within 24 hours of the reserved time, 100% of the reserved value is charged.。 2. For cancellation 3 to 7 day prior to the reserved time, 50% of the reserved value is charged. 3. Please call the hotel directly for reservations less than 24 hours / do not reserve through website 4. We accept only one extra grownup or one child in a room (while an extra bed is not available). Supplementary charge for extra grownup is NT$800; child NT$300. 5. Credit card acceptable. 6. If you have personal preference, please note in the order, we will try to meet your request where possible.

                                             定價    平日    假日
商務客房一大床(1 Double)   $4500   $2500   $2900 
商務客房兩小床(2 Single)    $4900   $2800   $3200
商務客房兩大床(2 Double)   $6300   $4000   $4300
VIP套房(1 Double)       $6600   $3700   $4300
碧瑤行政套房(1 King Bed)   $7800   $4500   $4800

5% Tax,10% service charge and breakfast included.




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